Elise Celeste

Writer & Producer


Current Projects

These are my slate of projects currently without distribution. My script Ultima Ratio was a quarter-finalist selection for Screencraft's 2016 SciFi contest, and I am currently seeking representation for my dystopic science fiction novel and series bible entitled W/O M E N. Click here to find out more about the upcoming novel or to request a copy of the TV series bible. I have also co-authored two dramatic miniseries entitled Iron and Sheriff; and a comedy called Public Pool.

PUBLIC POOL   Google Drive.png

Show Bible

Public Pool is a comedy centered around millennials and gen Z, working together to save their community pool.



Sheriff is a country noir set in the Pacific Northwest. Sheriff’s world is defined by the toxic cocktail that opioids, racism, and poverty create.



Ulster is a miniseries following a female inspector in Northern Ireland facing off against paramilitaries, gangs, dogfighting rings, and discrimination.


Novel & TV Series

W/O M E N is a novel and tv series following a police officer searching for her missing sister in a dystopic future.